Mingle is a family owned and operated business. The three founding partners – Jordyn, Emma and Aaron (Jordyn and Emma are sisters and Emma and Aaron husband and wife to be) are health and fitness fanatics who were sick of eating bland protein and veg - not fun at all! With different skill sets and backgrounds, the Mingle founders bring a wealth of expertise to the Mingle brand but all share one passion: promoting a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle both in and out of the kitchen.

They wanted to find a way to add flavour to their meals, quickly and easily but without all the nasties (caking agent, white salt, chemical fillers, sugars) found in most seasonings from the supermarket. There was a need for staple products in the kitchen that could be there anytime they needed without having to read and cross check the labels. So out came the mixing bowls, a little experimentation of their own and the idea of Mingle Seasoning was born. 

Mingle products are blended locally in Melbourne using the finest pure spices to create unique blends. When developing the range, the Mingle team wanted to cater to everyone’s needs: from the person who enjoys a kick of chilli, to the basics of garlic and herb. Working with a diverse range of more than 20 different spices, Mingle seasonings are blended using both local and imported ingredients.

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