At The Food Repository we love the convenience of the world we live in whilst nostalgically dreaming about the simplicity of the past.  We grew up in a small town in the country, our house in the middle of our street.

Our neighbours, Greta and Rene, were damn fine butchers and when mum and dad were at work we would hang out next door - we’d smile at Jan the Dentist when he came to pick up some steaks for dinner, we’d help Louisa from the Fruit & Veg store across the road, we’d tell stories to our Primary School teacher when she popped in for some pork chops - and just before returning home Greta would slice off a little slab of salami as a little reward for our helping hand.

We’d sit around the dinner table together with mum and dad every night and talk about our days. No TV allowed during dinner. We didn’t have smartphones to distract ourselves from our conversations. We ate damn good food and we knew exactly where it came from.

We love how technology has revolutionised the world. We love ordering a freshly cooked meal from local kitchens via our smartphones so we can stream another episode of our favourite show from the comfort of the couch. We love that Google tells us where to find the finest traditional sourdough bakery in our neighbourhood. But we don’t like that industrialisation through technology made some people think that they could start mass producing food by compromising on our values of health, quality and service in return for profit. We loathe going to supermarket chains where we have to spend 4 hours reading product labels to figure out what’s in them and where they come from.

The Food Repository was born out of our desire to share our obsession for delicious food made by small businesses who only use real ingredients.


Small Batch | Craft | Quality

We believe in people who do things small but do it well. 

We believe that small-batch food producers are rockstars. The unsung heroes of the foodie world. They pour their hearts into their creations with the same level of care and attention that our mums and grandmas put into our meals.

At The Food Repository, you get to know the people behind every single product through our producer stories.


Natural | Transparent | Delicious

We don’t believe that food should contain preservatives, artificial ingredients or chemicals. In fact, we reckon food made with real ingredients simply tastes better. 

Our producers understand that there is no substitute for real ingredients, and take advantage whenever possible of local and seasonal produce.

We've listed out all the ingredients for you, so if you swear by organic, live vegan, hunt paleo, hate gluten and sugar or follow low-FODMAP, you can make your own informed decisions.

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